Guatemala, a Central American country south of Mexico, has volcanoes, rainforests, and ancient Mayan sites. The capital, Guatemala City, has the imposing National Palace of Culture and the National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology. Antigua Guatemala, west of the capital, contains preserved Spanish colonial buildings.

1 day trips

  • Esquipulas y Finca de los Girasoles
  • Mundo Petapa
  • City Tour: Zoológico La Aurora y Paseo Cayalá
  • Antigua Guatemala y Hobbitenango / Altamira / Los Celajes / Selfie Museo
  • Auto Safari Chapín
  • Pino Dulce

2 day trips

  • Antigua Guatemala y Ciudad
  • Panajachel y Antigua Guatemala



Honduras is a country in Central America with coastlines on the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. In the tropical forest near Guatemala, the ancient Mayan ceremonial site of Copán has stone-carved hieroglyphics and stelae, tall stone monuments.

1 day trips

  • Copán Ruinas
  • Paseo de los Girasoles 


Henry Morgan

Hotel Henry Morgan

Airway 3 or 4 nights

All inclusive

  • From $565.00 per person in quadruple accommodation
  • Departures from Thursday to Sunday and from Sunday to Thursday
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